The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Mural Painting researches and promotes the understanding, protection, conservation and management of mural paintings and their value and significance.  The Committee shall be composed of:

  • Expert Members
  • Associate Members
  • Institutional Members (only Institutions can be Institutional Members, with individuals as non-voting representatives)
  • Honorary Members

The Committee shall seek to reflect, in its membership and the Bureau, the regional and cultural diversity in the available expertise in the field of conservation of mural painting.

There are two primary types of membership: Expert and Associate.

Expert Members

Expert Members have the right to participate in any aspect of the work of the Committee. Each National Committee should designate one Expert Member as its Voting Member for the Bureau. Only the individual Expert Members designated by National Committees as voting members Bureau may vote at elections of the Committee’s Bureau or concerning the amendment of its By-Laws.

Associate Members

Associate Members do not have voting rights. The Committee will strive to incorporate Associate Members’ participation in its work.



Expressions of interest are invited from those with the required interest and/or experience in the conservation of mural paintings to join the newly re-formed ISCMP—the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Mural Painting.

Applications can be made by sending the following to

  • an Expression of Interest Letter (identifying who you are, what you can bring to the Committee, why you want to join)
  • a current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

All candidates must have an up-to-date ICOMOS membership, so please include your ICOMOS membership number in your application.


Expert Members Criteria for Admission

  • Expert Members shall be accepted based on their individual profile, in particular their
    knowledge of and/or associations with mural painting conservation; all Expert Members
    must be current members of ICOMOS and meet the International Scientific Committee’s
    (ISCMP) Criteria for Participation listed in the By-Laws.
  • Expert Members may come from all professions related to the conservation of mural
    paintings and should have contributed significantly to the field;
  • Expert Members are required to fulfill at least one of the following conditions in addition
    to the Criteria for Admission:
    • have 10 years of experience in the field of conservation of mural paintings,
      represented by work at more than 10 relevant worksites;
    • have more than 10 relevant studies dedicated to mural painting conservation;
    • have more than 10 publications in the field published in peer-reviewed scientific
      journals or in proceedings of international congresses devoted to conservation

Associate Members Criteria for Admission

  • ICOMOS Members that are primarily working in the field of conservation of mural painting conservation who lack the qualifications to become Expert Members, may apply to become Associate Members either upon personal application or proposal by the National Committee to which they belong;
  • An associate member who is eligible to be an expert member at any time may be promoted to an expert member by the Membership Sub-committee (MS) of ISCMP;
  • Associate members who consider themselves eligible to become an Expert Member may apply to the Membership Sub-committee (MS) of ISCMP with an updated CV and credentials, for approval;
  • Associate Members shall be accepted in unlimited number.
Archangel Gabriel (end of XVth century, attributed to G. Baleison, 1463-1500), Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Cœur’s chapel, Lucéram (France) (c)Jean-Marc Vallet