Project Proposals

The projects proposed to ISCMP must align with the stated Aims and Activities of the Committee found in the By-Laws, which are as follows:

  1. Promote international and interdisciplinary co-operation in mural painting conservation;
  2. Gather, study and disseminate knowledge and information in mural painting conservation;
  3. Promote cooperative work with the other scientific committees of ICOMOS;
  4. Promote the consideration of community values and significance of mural painting in their conservation


  1. Research approaches for the protection and conservation of mural painting;
  2. Stimulate interest in mural painting, its value(s), its conservation, and the related fields;
  3. Advocate for at-risk mural painting
  4. Gather and share diverse professional experience and expertise; 
  5. Develop mural painting conservation guidance in cooperation with other ICOMOS Scientific and National Committees, taking cultural diversity and sensitivities into account;
  6. Assist new Associate Members and Emerging Professionals in developing their specialization and competence in mural painting conservation.

Each proposed project needs to complete the following form and email it to for consideration.

ISCMP Project Proposal Form (English)

ISCMP Project Proposal Form (Spanish)

ISCMP Project Proposal Form (French

Archangel Gabriel (end of XVth century, attributed to G. Baleison, 1463-1500), Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Cœur’s chapel, Lucéram (France) (c)Jean-Marc Vallet